Summer of ’17

The Sun & The Moon (Solar Eclipse 2017)
The Sun & The Moon

August 21, 2017 marks when the sky last pulled it’s own best trick on us, leaving me still in awe. I came across an article by Annie Dillard, itself eclipsing any words, any description I have heard or read, and certainly any photograph I have seen or could make myself, that expresses better than anything the experience of people who were there with us on the Grand Teton. Please read it and if you can find your way to it, take your place inside that dark circle – it will come again in 2019 – and let it take you outside of yourself and the world in which you think you live, for it is surely something different:

Annie Dillard’s Classic Essay: ‘Total Eclipse’

While visiting Jackson, Wyoming with my friend David Thompson, as per Ted Forbes’ vlog, The Art of Photography, we had to make sure to visit David Brookover’s gallery.

Warning: Be prepared to be blown away by the work in David’s gallery.
The quality of his work is unsurpassed, from the detail he gets out of the 8×10 negatives, to the ethereal effects he achieves by using alternative printing processes on hand-made papers. The results will leave you in awe.

Here’s a link to Ted’s Artist Series video on David Brookover, and be sure to check out his impressive photographs!

David’s charming gallerist, Erica was a sweetheart and took this picture of my friend, David Thompson, David Brookover and me at the gallery:

David Thompson, David Brookover, and myself at the Brookover Gallery in Jackson Wyoming
David Thompson, David Brookover, and myself at the Brookover Gallery in Jackson Wyoming

A week later I was photographing the eclipse from the lower saddle (11,700) between the Middle Teton and the Grand Teton, while our friends Brian Leffler and Chris Dal Santo climbed the Grand Teton. My good friend, the avid nature and portrait photographer, Mary Kroptavich had loaned me her big 150-600mm lens for the purpose of shooting the eclipse.
(Thanks Mary!)

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse as seen from 11,700 feet above sea level, in the saddle between the Middle Teton and the Grand Teton
The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Chris Cosby and I made it to the summit of the Grand Teton the next day, but a wrong turn on the descent left us groping our way down the Wall St. gully until about half past midnight. That’s when we decided to hunker down in the boulders to try to get out of the wind, in a teeth chattering bivouac. Once it became light enough, we safely made our way back down toward the camp in the lower saddle. On our way there we were met by our friends who brought water and happily helped us back to camp. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure!

15 frames from the 2017 total solar eclipse (The original file is 1.66 gig)
15 frames from the 2017 total solar eclipse

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